Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Running Tips

I've had a few people hint that they would like me to talk about how I got into running and how I got started, tips, and so forth.
So here goes. Remember, these are what worked for me. I started running about 6-7 weeks after I had Asher. I did not follow any routine, and just did what I felt my body could handle at the time. I (personally) mixed running with the elliptical/walking/weights. That is what worked best for me.

I started out by walking for 4-7 minutes at a warm up pace. Then, I began by running for 1 minute, then walking again. I just did this cycle every 5 minutes or so.

1) A good program that does the same method is the Couch to 5k running program @

I have had 3 friends use this program with great success. My only suggestion is to TAKE IT AT YOUR LEVEL.
Don't worry if you are not making the same progress that the chart says you have too. Don't bent out of shape if you aren't at the exact level at the same time the program said you should be. Oh well. All of our bodies are different. Different days and weeks bring different things that may affect your running. If you need to take an extra few days at a level before moving up, do it! At least you are moving/running!

2) Get good shoes! This is a MUST!! I go to a good running store and have them fit me. Don't worry about the insoles, ect, just concentrate on the shoe. A good shoe does not have to cost $$$(you might find a pair for $60-70), but you might need one for your specific foot. For example, i cannot wear NIKE's, because they do not work for my foot. Don't wear your running shoes for anything but running. This lets them breathe and lets the foam rise after each run.

3) At first, and especially if you are only running a few miles, and trying to lose weight, don't worry about eating anything special. Often times, people will think they need to eat something carb-y or big before they run. You do not need to for short runs. I only worry about this if I am running 6+ miles. I've run 10 miles without eating ANY carbs beforehand and done fine.

4) Same with after. If you are wiped, drink a glass of chocolate milk. It has everything your body needs to recharge. Again, watch the portions. Often times I run with friends who come back after running a few miles and eat twice the calories they just burned trying to "recharge"

5) Breathing & Gait- both of these are things that come with time. You might think that your running gait is bad, and it might be. EVERYTHING i've read tells me that this evens itself out over time. You see top athletes with bad running form. My hubs says I run the oddest he's ever seen. I've run 2000+ miles with this gait, so it must be working for me. Naturally, over time your body will correct its form to what works best for you.
Same with breathing - you can try to even it out the best you can, but breathing comes on its own. Sometimes I still have days where my breathing is HORRIBLE- I sound like I am sucking wind at a good pace, and am going to pass out. Other days, no problem. Again, everything I've read says that this works itself out over time, so don't stress about it.

FINALLY- take it and have fun! Running is sweet when you enjoy yourself and your accomplishments! You are talking to the girl who skipped running the mile in high school to...well you know, take out The Bird and get myself in trouble. 3 years ago I could not run a mile, and at my 3 year running anniversary, I have now run 2 marathons!
If you have any other questions, let me know! I love to talk about running and peanut butter


  1. Thanks lady!
    I can't stand Nike either, they hurt my arches and toes. We just got Mizuno and I absolutely love them!

  2. Thanks for that. Kinda makes me want to get back into running...

  3. Nikes are awful for me too, which is highly amusing when you consider I ran in them for YEARS...I just didn't know any better.

    Those are all really good tips. I feel the need to add my own...breathing through pursed lips may help ease a side stitch. I've learned this one the hard way.

  4. I'm glad you posted about breathing. THAT has been my biggest issue. I don't know if I am breathing right because, naturally, I tend to breathe weird. Holding my breath at certain times I don't need to and emitting hot air when I don't need to.

  5. Thanks for this post! It's so good to know that just 3 years ago you werent a runner and to know how far you have come! I definitely want to start running and you have help tremendously!

    ***I saw a Bird the other day and couldnt help but laugh and think about you lol!

  6. what a great post. it gave me such great advice and ideas for my next venture out. thanks!

  7. Thanks for all the tips! I have always HATED running but that's because someone was always telling me how far and how fast I had to go. I love the couch to 5k plan - I think that's the way for me to go!

  8. Thanks for the tips. Any tips on increasing speed.

  9. Great post! Thanks for mentioning the chocolate milk! I have been drinking chocolate milk after running for a few years and some people think I am crazy. It is so true - it is the perfect post run drink!
    I ran until I was about 20 weeks pregnant and then quit because I think my neighbors were scared or something...I didn't start up again until she was about 5 months. Boy did I miss it! But I ran a half marathon when she was 10 months old, so it didn't take long to build back up. Wish we lived closer! We could be running buddies!

  10. You're right, breathing does even out - I'll have to remember that next time I'm out cursing my flabby ass body for gasping.

    My hub says I run like a deranged duck. But it gets me where I want to go!

  11. You know I've been running for about 5 months now...I'm only up to 3miles but dang I feel good about that! One thing I have learned in my short time is much like you've said...It's what works best for me. I tried doing everything books, and video's said but in the end the only thing working for me is just doing it my way!
    I would LOVE to run an actaul marathon someday but I know I have a long way to go. I'll be stopping in to see what you have to say...I love to read about other peoples accomplishments, makes me feel like I can do it to!

  12. Thanks I'm just starting to run/walk my way into 5ks and what far, the 'listen to your body but don't be a wus'.. works for me..

    although I have to tell you when I stopped wearing my work socks and bought serious wikken'd (or something like that) socks, my workout got more comfortable and significantly less painful. I was shocked too.

  13. These are great tips, Sara! Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge!

  14. I had a pair of Nikes and my feet and knees felt horrible in them. I have a very high arch and they are not good for that.

  15. Oh boy...I'm going to HAVE to start running. Really. Everywhere I turn I'm being hit over the head with it. (in a good way. like an encouraging way)

    I'm a bit scared, but excited at the same time.

    Can I ask what shoes you use? Not Nike's I know...but do you have these inexpensive 60 - 70 dollar shoes...or something else?

  16. Just found this other blog of yours :) I too was one who never liked running--in fact I used to say it was my least favorite exercise. Then my sister started running and talked me into going with her one day. I ran a (slow) mile without stopping--which shocked me...and all of the sudden I was hooked!!! I've done some halfs...but not a full yet. But I will!

  17. Love to find another runner who blogs! Love this blog and your other one! I started running so I didn't have to give up my McDonalds habit. Now, I'm hooked!

  18. What great advise, I wish I could apply myself to running I have a problem with anything physical. I recently began yoga and I hope I'm able to complete the cycle.

    Dorothy from grammology