Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ok, fine, I am not good at updating this blog

So-- Here is a really long one

February runs so far:

1st- 13 miles
3rd- 10 miles
5th- birthday. Ate my weight in miles. Yum
6th-14 miles
7th- Tae Bo
8th- 7.1 miles
9th- 10 miles
11th- 10 miles
14th- Tae Bo
16th- 10 miles

My only thought? Maybe I should shorten my runs a bit! I don't have to run so long. I have been trying to drop 5 lbs, and using running as one way, as I hate cutting out too much food. Alas, I may have to quit my daily popcorn habit. 

Total Miles: 91.4 miles!